Cowboys vs Chargers

Cowboys vs Chargers Live | That isn’t a mistype. When halftime hits, the Dallas Cowboys turn out to be extremely lost. I don’t know what is examined in the locker room, however it is nothing valuable. What’s more, this isn’t only a previous two amusement event, these burdens have been available all year.

It positively isn’t an ideal opportunity to begin looking at running Jason Garrett away, yet we need to call a spade a spade. The play-calling and changes essentially have not been satisfactory. It appears as though adversaries are two stages in front of Dallas after halftime. Cowboys vs Chargers Live

Last week Dak Prescott had his worst game as a professional and it’s not even close. I’ve written numerous times that without Ezekiel Elliott behind him, Dak would be able to prove himself capable of running the offense. Am I still confident in his abilities? Yes, but my optimism has been significantly drained. Losing arguably the best left tackle in football is obviously going to hurt, but Dak has just looked lost. In fact, the entire offense has been horrifyingly stagnant. Cowboys vs Chargers

Cowboys vs Chargers

The road doesn’t get much easier either, as the Los Angeles Chargers rank eighth in the league in points allowed per game and pass yards allowed per game. The Chargers have been turning over a new leaf after starting 0-4, going 4-2 since then. They are riding a huge wave of momentum after a gigantic win against the Buffalo Bills last week, with a final score of 54-24.

Both teams are trending in opposite directions. In fact, Las Vegas seems to think the same as the Chargers are favored in the contest by 2.5 points. The Cowboys being underdogs at home on Thanksgiving sounds like some sick twisted joke, but unfortunately that is the reality we have found ourselves in. Dallas’ season may very well depend on the outcome of this game. Cowboys vs Chargers Live

Dallas’ defense has been in deep trouble ever since Sean Lee’s injury in Atlanta. The Cowboys currently rank 20th in points allowed, and 26th in pass yards allowed per game. Teams just know how to get through the defense and Phillip Rivers will certainly be ready to air the ball out. It is absolutely crucial that Dallas’ pass rush can create enough of a presence to keep Rivers from hitting stride in order to help the young secondary. I fear that if this game turns into a shootout where LA lights the scoreboard up, the Cowboys will not be able to keep pace.

Regardless, this Thanksgiving day game means so much to the Dallas Cowboys franchise. When you consider the fact that this game has a major impact on their year moving forward, I see the Cowboys fighting hard to win a very close, competitive match. Cowboys vs Chargers

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 24  –  LA Chargers 17

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