Patriots vs Dolphins

Patriots vs Dolphins Live Stream | Chances are the Patriots will lose one of their last six diversions this season.

As Rich Hill called attention to on Pats Pulpit, the Patriots have just gone undefeated in the AFC East twice under Bill Belichick — in 2007 and 2012. Be that as it may, with five of their six confrontations for 2017 coming amid the last extend of the season, one may figure the yearly inconvenience in Miami on a Monday night may happen. Or, then again the intermittent, bewildering choices to be made against the Jets since… .well, for what reason did he choose to commence in extra minutes at any rate?

Fourteen-and-two, with a compass of the lamentable division and a win in Pittsburgh against the 8-2 Steelers appears to be consistent. Be that as it may, the Patriots for the most part have a hiccup each year around this time. Keep in mind surrendering home-field advantage two seasons back, prompting another tragic visit to Denver in the AFC title amusement?Patriots vs Dolphins

The current week’s picks

Greg Cote, Miami Herald: Patriots 31, Dolphins 17. “This is near about as large as NFL point spreads get, yet it isn’t Alabama facilitating Font of Tears Bible College. This is King Sport, where anyone (aside from the Browns, obviously) can beat anyone. Not saying will. Be that as it may, can. Also, more so in division competitions. Both of New England’s 2017 misfortunes have been in not-impervious Foxborough, and Tom Brady has been caught more circumstances by Miami in his vocation (21) than any other individual. Taps cleared Fins last season, yet Miami beat NE at any rate once each of the three earlier years.

Patriots vs Dolphins

Likewise, Patriots’ pass resistance is normal, and their run barrier may be the most exceedingly terrible in the group. The point: Miami, a group that won in Atlanta, is fit for shaking off four continuous misfortunes with its execution of the year Sunday. Also, that is whether Jay Cutler (blackout convention) begins or whether Matt Moore does. This conviction is the reason I like the Dolphins with the focuses, if not exactly by and large. I figure Miami will demonstrate some spine and contend hard Sunday. Be that as it may, there is excessively ability deficit — particularly amongst Brady and Cutler/Moore — to figure Miami will win inside and out at this setting for the first since 2008. The temperature Sunday up there is estimate for the low 30s. So is the Patriots’ point add up to, oh dear.” Patriots vs Dolphins

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: Patriots 33, Dolphins 13. “The Patriots have pretty much locked up the division, and now are playing for a top seed. The Dolphins are in a tailspin and might have to start Matt Moore at quarterback here. The Patriots continue to roll behind Tom Brady. Blowout.”

CBS Sports staff: Seven out of eight pick New England (-16.5 Patriots). Everybody likes the Pats straight-up.

David Steele, Sporting News: Patriots 33, Dolphins 16. “Teams still pile up yards against the Patriots defense (last in total yards), yet in their six straight wins, they haven’t given up more than 17 points in a game. No one knows which Dolphins offense will show up in Foxborough — which quarterback, in particular. Neither Matt Moore nor Jay Cutler appear to stand a chance at putting pressure on Tom Brady to keep up.”

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: Patriots 40, Dolphins 14. “You know the Patriots are getting close to can’t-miss Super Bowl favorites when the spreads start ballooning past two touchdowns. Miami is an absolute mess, far removed from the second AFC East playoff team under Adam Gase a season ago. The Dolphins’ defense has numerous holes for Tom Brady to exploit, while New England’s suddenly sound defense will stop whoever is quarterback the other side.”

SB Nation staff: All Pats.

Chris Simms, Bleacher Report: Patriots 35, Dolphins 17. “Let’s be honest, the New England Patriots are going to win this game. I am a little concerned, though, that the Patriots have been on the road for two weeks. They stayed in Colorado for a week, had a long trip to Mexico and then a long trip back home. Bill Belichick referenced this fact in his early-week press conference. Fatigue could be a factor. With all that said, though, this is still the best team in football right now. New England is hot and has fixed its defensive problems, and I have no faith in the Dolphins’ ability to consistently move the ball.”

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